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James Scott responds to questions posed on www.soapoperadigest.com.

James, please tell us if you have re-signed and will stay with DAYS? Thank you!

James: I have not re-signed, but we have agreed to all the terms.

1.) Do you think it's possible for EJ and Sami to have a real relationship where both of them are happy to be together? 2.) Is there any actor/actress you'd like EJ to interact with more in Salem?

James: 1.) It's possible. You never know. The writers seem to be going pretty heavy for the story with Sami/Rafe, but it's a soap opera and things never stay constant for too long. 2.) Are you kidding? Anyone other than the four actors that I only ever interact with.

With so little rehearsal time, how do you and Arianne Zucker deliver such amazing, flawless performances? You work so well together!

James: With Ari, in particular, we just have one of those really fantastic connections with each other that allows us to work off each other really well. We're lucky. It's something that you can't really create, but we have a good friendship and we get on really well off camera.

In the four-plus years of playing Elvis DiMera, what has been your favorite storyline?

James: The baby switch story. It went on for two years and I loved it. There were so many twists and turns, and everybody had such a valid point of view in that story and I was really grateful to be given the opportunity to work with suck strong material and such loaded situations. And to work with Ari and Ali, and Galen through all of that was just fantastic.

How long do you prep before filming a scene?

James: Typically, I arrive fairly early because I want to avoid traffic because I live out of town. I usually arrive at 6-6:30, so I have a little bit of time to go over some lines. But I make sure that I always know all my lines before I arrive at the studio because I think it's very difficult to learn things and have them be fresh if you hadn't learned them at least 24 hours before. We go into blocking with the directors at 7:45, which takes an hour, where we go through the various different sets and look at the movement that will take place in those sets, and then we tape. We go through that movement one more time for the cameras and then we tape it. It moves very, very quickly. If you add up the time I spent in front of the camera and in front of the camera blocking or on the set, that's a fraction of the time I spend on the script. The majority of work takes place at home.

What clip did you decide to submit for the Emmys?

James: I decided to submit the scene where EJ thinks about shooting himself, then Sami actually shoots him in the end.

If you have a concern about the script, with whom do you discuss those concerns -- Gary Tomlin, the writing team, other actors in the proposed team?

James: Well, it's a chain of command. If you have a concern with the script -- it doesn't happen very often -- but sometimes, as an actor, you can find concerns in the script and sometimes they're because of legitimate issues related to story or writing or sometimes they're just because you haven't been able to get a grasp yourself of what the writer is trying to communicate. Whichever way, you have to get a resolution. So, I always talk to my castmates first. For example, this morning, I had a script that I had some questions about. I was talking to Johnny in it. I don't have a 5-year old son and I was reading this dialogue and I didn't feel line it was necessarily appropriate for a father talking to his 5-year old son. I went to the mothers on the show and I said, "Would you talk to your 5-year old son like this?" And they said yes, and so I thought, "Okay. Now I know."

Do you think EJ and Nicole's arrangement can develop into a real marriage with love and trust despite Taylor lurking?

James: I do. I think that these two have great potential as a couple, and I think they'd be an incredibly interesting couple to see because she's tough as boots and she knows his shit, and if they really put aside everything between them and were able to get on together, they'd be a force to be reckoned with because they're a couple of very powerful characters. They would have a lot of sympathy and patience with a lot of the challenges that other people find difficult.

You previously said that EJ need a friend. What kind of friend would you like for him?

James: Any friend. He just needs a friend. That's one of the reasons I keep coming back to the relationship with Nicole. She can be his friend. He can be himself. That's what he needs. The relationship with Kate was like that. He could have that relationship with Phillip. Anybody he doesn't have to pretend to be someone he's not with. I think it's incredibly valuable and it's disappointing that he doesn't have that.

You have worked with quite a few of your siblings: Lexie, Benji, Tony and now Chad. Which of your presumed dead/dead siblings would you like to share the screen with?

James: Thaao. Inarguably. I really feel that Thaao's a big loss for the show. He's a wonderful actor. I felt he was one of the most compelling, dynamic characters to watch. He could be incredibly fun and charming and romantic and endearing with Anna, and at the same time he was a wonderful villain and a brother to EJ and a friend. he was able to have conversations with EJ as a man who had not always been so clean cut.

Courtesy of Forbidden Love.
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