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I agree that it looks like we're heading toward EJole. It's almost striking how there is no mention of the character of Taylor whatsoever. I'm guessing TPTB realized almost immediately the EJaylor story was a bomb and the new direction for Taylor is to have her go BSC when Nicole finds out and leaves EJ - and EJ realizes he wants Nicole instead and sets about pursuing her. Or maybe they drop it even faster than that and Taylor just moves out of his story all together.
You know what's gonna suck? When this is exactly what happens and then TB starts...and she and JS make the greatest pair that ever did exist.
I hope this doesn't happen, i do agree with you that TB (Taylor)and James (EJ) could make the best day time couple ever (IMHO) they better give them a chance together and have not wasted that chance on sleep- head NL. (cause she sucked the life out of the charadters and the s/l).

I see you already jumped in (cute banner) :lol:
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