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Mar 30 2011, 10:23 PM
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You know what's gonna suck? When this is exactly what happens and then TB starts...and she and JS make the greatest pair that ever did exist.
I hope this doesn't happen, i do agree with you that TB (Taylor)and James (EJ) could make the best day time couple ever (IMHO) they better give them a chance together and have not wasted that chance on sleep- head NL. (cause she sucked the life out of the charadters and the s/l).

I see you already jumped in (cute banner) :lol:
Mellie if they are going to hold off on EJAMI and that is what they are doing from the looks of it. I do like James with TB (EJ and the nu- Taylor) i don't like him with Nicole i still think her and Brady should be together. I really liked TB when she was on GH then on DOOL as Ava so i was happy when they brought he back as Taylor. I really think her and James will be smoking HOT!!!! Nobody write them off yet wait to see them together first and we don't really know yet that Nu-Taylor(EJAYLOR) will not happen in a romantic sense. Maybe Nicole is the one that will go crazy Who knows.
I want someone new for EJ a new start, a fresh start.

Thanks Mellie about the banner :hug:
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