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Mar 30 2011, 11:01 PM
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Its not like we havent seen JS and TB interact before? It wasnt this amazing chemistry that everyone stopped and said...HEY, why dont they pair Ava and EJ? I thought they had chemistry and at the time (I wasnt on MBs) I thought why not a Ava/EJ/Nicole triangle?

Now, we have poor TB stuck in a role thats poorly written instead of coming back in a role where, as Ava, she knew of the "evils" of a family like the DiMeras. It would fit the "EJ needs someone that accepts" him pairing. As Easy Lay Tay, (who's saving orphans/decrying the bad Titan business practices to one that wants EJ to leave Nicole be with him/being OK w/Titan now,) she's given such a bad starting point.

I'm not going to say that EJole is coming because I have been burned before. I'm taking a "wait and not see DAYS" approach.
I think that is what the change of direction will be is that TB will play Taylor differently than NL in that she will be much stronger (Not evil, but gray character) a kind of character that can fight Stefano but still has a good heart the kind of character that has a strong back bone, more business minded not weak the way NL's been playing her. That is what James said in last interview that TB has taken the role and owned it. I think the nu-Taylor will be smart, strong, great business minded but not evil more gray to match EJ and stand up to Stefano when need be. I think that is what the writers want Taylor to be from the begining but NL made her look wak and wimpy.
That may be the case...but then they want us to negate everything else we saw and it was too much IMO that TB will have to sell. I didnt think they would write Ejaylor in such a shitty way- congrats DAYS!
we have to negate everything we have seen before for most of the sl now anyway.........
The acting yes...but the writing is still shitty, why is that going to change?
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