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Today's episode (134) is now posted.

an excerpt:
"Are you all right?" Dr. Fred Rutherford asked as he watched Francis Callison closely. "You're acting...a little strange."

"I'm fine," she muttered softly, still unable to look at him.

Not taking what she'd said as an acceptable or believable answer, Fred gently reached out and took her chin into his hand, turning her face so that he could look into her eyes. The gesture caused Francis's breath to catch in her throat as her head began to spin with a thousand different conflicting thoughts and feelings.

Why did the mere sight of Fred still make her feel so strange? Why did she really feel so uncomfortable around him? She wasn't sure and it was the realization of those unanswered questions that suddenly made Francis feel more uncomfortable than before. The feeling of his hand on her face startled her and she jerked away from him.

"What is it, Francis?" he asked her again. "Why are you acting so uncomfortable around me?"

"I'm not...uncomfortable. It's just that...."

"Does the sight of me make you think about what could have been between us?" He examined her reactions carefully. "Is that it? Is there a part of you that thinks you might have made the wrong choice?"

As Fred silently waited for a response, Francis looked away from him as she searched for an answer that would explain exactly how she felt.

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