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Apr 2 2011, 11:43 AM
They might as well confirm it now. They never use the word "deny" in their responses to the press, merely "can't confirm" - which basically means at least one is cancelled but they haven't crossed the t's and dotted the i's on their replacements yet. When thats done, a formal announcement will be made. Why wait? Announce the cancellations now, announce the replacements later. Not so hard.
Yep. I definitely think it's safe to say at least one is gone.

I also agree with Drew in that ABC may think this is the time to completely revamp all of daytime, providing they feel good about the replacements. Oprah will be gone. There has been talk of shifting The View to another time slot. I wonder if they move GH too if this all comes to pass. One thing I've always felt ion recent years is that OLTL would be a much better fit in GH's time alot because OLTL tells alot of stories with young characters. It has alot of young characters and the pacing and feel of the show is more for a younger audience. I think OLTL may be much better in a time slot where they can hook the afterschool audience. However, I doubt OLTL will ever get that chance.
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