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Mar 31 2011, 12:57 AM
Mar 31 2011, 12:30 AM
Mar 30 2011, 10:45 PM
I'm sure there's going to be a crime that needs to be solved and Bo and Hope will be featured to do so. That's classic Higley there.
Exactly. That is the stuff she loves to write for them.

I have a feeling for some reason they will be involved in the MelaME/San Francisco story (since it's clear they will build something around Arianna's killer) which for some reason I think will tie in with Chloe/Quinn. I just get that feeling. PR said the story wasn't his and I highly doubt it will be another Hope story.

Ugh. Just get rid of them if this is all your going to give them
It could be. But maybe they are going to be helping The Diva find Real Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald and bring down Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald 2.
They would be going up against tyhe DiMeras. I could see them exposing the DiMeras.
Hope already knows about The Diva's problems with Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald.
So I'm guessing that Bo and Hope will figure out the truth about the Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald's.
I just hope they are not using Bo and Hope to keep the Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald story going or trying to make the Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald sl more interesting.
I'm sick of the Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald sl already. It needs to be dumped.
Knowing Dena it will be dragged out till November.
I'm glad that Bo and Hope are going to be on more.
I wouldn't be a bit surprised to see Bo and Hope somehow involved with The Diva and Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald All of these storylines that were/are left hanging can be tied together showing the involvement of the Dimeras-- Ari's death, the organ ring, the two Luis Lopez-Fitzgeralds. Bo and Hope could well start out investigating one of these things and find that it leads to the others, ,too.

GG said that Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald2 would be gone around Easter, but he also said that there would be a lot for SAFE to work through. One of those things may be the death of Fay, since Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald2 is the killer. Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald could well be blamed for that since no one but the Dimeras knows that there were two Luis Lopez-Fitzgeralds, besides Fay, who will be dead. Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald could be blamed for her death, Bo and Hope could help absolve him of the crime while implicating the Dimeras.
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