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Apr 2 2011, 09:47 PM
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Monday, April 4th
Nicole and EasyLayTay find Fay at the bottom of the steps, bleeding and unconscious; The Diva is baffled by impostor Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald's reaction to the news about Fay; Jennifer and Daniel discuss Magnadoodle's erratic behavior; Justin and Adrienne decide to elope.

Tuesday, April 5th
Ethan Cambias explains to EasyLayTay that Fay may be on to them; Chloe comes upon Philip in a secret meeting with the social worker; Magnadoodle and Daniel are impressed with MelaME's generosity; Impostor Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald tries to flee from the loft but is stopped by The Diva.

Wednesday, April 6th
Victor asks Maggie to go to Paris with him; a guilt-stricken EasyLayTay begs Fay for forgiveness; The Diva takes impostor Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald to their special spot in the woods; Maggie asks MelaME to play peacemaker for the Kiriakis men; San Francisco makes MelaME livid.

Thursday, April 7th
Fay awakens and tells Nicole two very important words; impostor Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald has a fantasy about killing The Diva; The Diva no longer believes Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald's behavior is tied to his brain trauma; Esteban overhears Abigail tell Chad that moving in was a mistake.

Friday, April 8th
Bo and Hope have a romantic dinner and make love; Lexie has to sedate Fay; Magnadoodle calls her son, Nicholas; an amnesic Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald gets stronger; Nicole thanks EasyLayTay for coming back into her life; Ciara lies about why she tried to scale the school fence.
For Lysie's entertainment. :P
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