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Apr 2 2011, 10:00 PM

I don't think Bo and Hope should EVER be gone from this show, period.

They may not always be leads in a story, but they should have story. Frankly, they've been leads for years and years and years, and if they play supporting for a bit, that's fine, and expected to a certain extent. If they're supporting in a strong story, I have no quarrel with it. But they should always be on the show, and have stories.

Plus, what would we get in return if we lost them?

More strangers...Characters we don't know, and can't care about...Characters whom the writers don't know how to introduce well, so that we continue feeling like we're not in Salem anymore, but in some entirely new place we aren't even sure we want to be in. We hang on for our old "friends"...the characters we know. Take that from us and what've we got? A bunch of new faces that were introduced haphazardly, and lots of times the writers haven't put forth a lot of effort into the planning for their arrival. New faces, but with little or no history attached, and no consistent vision of who they are.

The writers take missteps with the characters we know and love all the time, but at least we know them, and we care enough to be frustrated by it...I'm indifferent to a fairly large percentage of the cast at this point, and the ones who keep me hanging on aren't the newer characters. It's the cast I've known for years and years.

Exactly, Bope should have a story and they are the best part of days!
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