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Apr 2 2011, 11:49 PM
Apr 1 2011, 12:45 PM
Tim, I simply can't agree with getting rid of them. The show has already lost so much heart. Bo and Hope have been part of the heart of this show for too long. Maggie didn't get story for years - and the capacity they used her in didn't have people clamoring to just get rid of her. Bo and Hope need to have times of being supporting characters, too. I mean, your quote from jane says it all. I love Bo and Hope, but they can't lead story forever. It just sucks that no generation since theirs has produced characters worth caring about long-term.
I get all that but it's just the same song and dance so I'm speaking from a point of frustration. If we are going to get what we are getting in terms of stories with them, I would much rather see them gone. I was very happy with their roles in early 2009 where they were supporting. If the stories you have in mind for them are the same repetitive, cyclical nonsense we've had for the past few years, than they need to be supporting players only or off the show. And, if you write them off, then you just bring on another supercouple staple to replace them. Not like the ratings will be impacted.

I know some will say it's on the writers for being lazy and terrible and it is but it's also not going to matter. They will always end up together again. You can't sell breakup stories with them. We've seen romantic adventures and how many of their kids have been in danger over the years? Been there, done that. PR even looks over it.

The only thing they could do is bring back Shawn and Belle and throw them in a story with them. That would be fresh and interesting but, other than that. I'm over them aside from them being supporting players.
Not having Shawn and Belle on the show really hurts Bope. As Tim said, the writers can't come up with anything fresh with them. If Shelle were there, Bope could at least interact in their kids stories. I think that will currently help Jennifer. We don't always have to see her with Daniel. There have been plenty of scenes with Jen and Abby.
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