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Oh, I definitely agree the biggest mistake the writers/producers made was cutting Shawn and Belle. But cutting Bo and Hope is a bigger one. They've been a staple the longest. They don't have the baggage of John and Marlena (a couple which I loved) With Bo and Hope, the two main families stay alive in the hearts of viewers. That has always been the bottom line with them, I think, moreso than their supercoupledom. Together or apart, they represent those two families and have been the most consistent representatives of them for the largest span of time on the frontburner. Its not about whether or not the ratings will drop. Because, let's face it, they won't. We all know that argument is more invalid than most soap marriages. But its also not what I said.

I'm talking about the heart of the show. The thing that keeps a large number of us coming back. Losing Frances and Alice was the last large blow to that. Losing John and Marlena was a big one. (I can't count S/K, as much as I love them. Their familiarity factor overall is nowhere nearly J/M, B/H, or even J/J).

What would have happened if they simply decided that Suzanne Rogers and John Clarke simply weren't needed anymore, because they were background characters. Have Doug and Julie stop by once and a while, still have Alice around, and drum up some new lawyer character. As someone who started watching then I would have been outraged! Because the Bradys and the Hortons are the families that we welcome into our homes. And the DiMeras and Kiriakises are the ones we love to hate.

I'd rather have Bo and Hope around as a presence, a presence that has been with this show in its most recent incarnation for fifteen years! So what, we're just going to throw in the towel because the writers can't figure out what to do with them? Then why do we put up with Roman? Caroline? Maggie? I think it's utter bullshit to call for them to be cut so callously. I realize soaps are in trouble, but that is the last thing to do to a soap that is already so unrecognized. The majority of people tune into soaps to check in with an old friend. Bo and Hope are some of the few of them left and I don't care how they're being featured and to be quite frank, will be glad for them to be featured minimally and recover from the horseshit that Higley has written for them.

I also realize that the Bradys and Hortons have been phased out slowly over the past few years. So, does that means they are not still the heart of the show? No. Idiot that he is, I doubt Corday feels that way. Maggie Horton is front and center to some degree for the first time in years. Will and Abby are young teens. Bo and Hope are just coming back together. Jennifer has just returned. Love him or hate him, we just lost Nathan. Moreover, we just lost Alice and Mickey in a year. And what about Doug and Julie? Do you realize we would NEVER see DAYS' original supercouple ever again? Hope is, for all intents and purposes, their daughter and has been for years, because of what happened to Addie. They could come back to support Maggie and Jennifer and for holidays, but how likely would it be that they would be thought of?

Tim, I realize that you always hold out for the best on this show. I think we all do. I understand your frustration. I just think its misplaced here. No supercouple can just be replaced like they're some place holder. No one could take the place that Bo and Hope hold because no other couple holds those connections (surprisingly). They are the original Arms of Steel/Horton connection and the only one that remains. And I can't call it anything short of callous to just throw your hands up and say get rid of them before you know even know what story they're supporting.
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