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Apr 3 2011, 12:55 AM
Keith, I realize all that and I'm perfectly fine with them playing supporting roles. However, we've seen regime after regime come in here and do the exact same junk with them and that is what has me so frustrated. That and I feel PR feels the same. Bope don't even have that spark they used to have. I don't even feel like I'm watching them anymore. They seem lifeless and have felt that way since they reunited.

I would never discount their importance or connection but the show survived without both Bo and Hope before (moreso Hope than Bo). I think if you ever did get rid of them, you would have to bring another couple on to fulfill that role but I'm now starting to think that may not be the worst thing. As I said, Bo and Hope don't even feel like Bo and Hope to me. They don't even feel like a part of the show. You have Maggie being more relevant than ever. Jennifer is back. The Diva feels more like The Diva again, at least to me. We are seeing Abe and Lexie more. The Dimera's and Kiriakis' have become major forces. I would just use D&J whenever you can and maybe see about bringing back J&M or maybe just John or Marlena. I also suspect Jack will be back at some point so that helps too.

I just think keeping two characters on the show that feel played out is never the right thing to do. That is the issue with soaps. They keep characters on well past their expiration date. Give them a rest and bring them back later with new life. That is what I feel has helped Jennifer. She IMO has more life to her now than she had for the bulk of her last return. Either play Bo and Hope in supporting roles or I would just cut them loose and then bring on characters like Jack, Lucas, John and/or Marlena, and show a bit more D&J. That along with Jennifer and Maggie IMO is plenty of heart and familiarity for the show.

All I'm saying is that if whatever story you have for them is the same stuff we've seen, than it's just better to give them a rest. That's all. If they have something else in mind or want to use them to support others, than that should work out well. I love Bo and Hope both as a couple and individually. I don't want them written out but I don't want them in their current form either. And it's not just the writing either. They just aren't the same, at least to me.
Ph here we go again with the others speaking for Peter! :frustration: Peter has recently spoken about Bo and Hope in several recent interviews and personal appearances. I think to say he is tired of playing the Bo and Hope coupling sounds like it is based on opinion and not fact. There are those that are closer to Days actors that would definitely not agree with that statement. So I think it is best to allow Peter to speak for himself and not others! JMO :smile:
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