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It wouldn't surprise me in the least if ABC did the one-two with OLTL & AMC in much the same way that NBC did with AW & SuBe back in the day. I think the speculation that OLTL is gone by the end of the year with AMC following next year are pretty close to being right on the money when you consider the fact that we've had major cancelations/losses as a genre every single year since 2007 (NBC ended PSNS in '07; Direct TV ended PSNS in '08; CBS ended GL in '09; and CBS ended ATWT in '10). That would fit the appropriate time-table for ending OLTL in '11 and AMC in '12. Now, following with this formula & pattern (and considering that NBC's pick-up of DAYS extends only through '13 with an option to go through '14. IMO, if DAYS can't get its shit together, it's going to go down to OLTL in '11; AMC in '12; & DAYS in '13 (perhaps GH in '13 since that'll be its 50th anniversary year?).

Much is often compared to the end of daytime TV soaps in much the same way that the radio soaps died. If you remember correctly, when the radio soaps ended in 1960, there were only 4 left on the air (Ma Perkins; The Second Mrs. Burton; Young Doctor Malone; & The Right to Happiness) and all 4 ended on the same day (November 25, 1960). One has to wonder whether they'll all go out in one fell swoop when the time comes.

Meanwhile, whatever that much-talked-about replacement format for the soap operas (such as how TV soaps replaced radio soaps in format and popularity) needs to be hurrying along. We're starting to run out of time.
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