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Don't mind me. I'm just rambling with info research here....

from "The Billboard" magazine; issue dated June 1, 1946


CHICAGO, May 25. - Long-standing legal fight between Emmons Carlson, NBC Midwest division promotion manager and Irna Phillips, soap opera scripter, over possession of The Guiding Light took a new slant this week when Carl Wester, who produces the show, claimed complete ownership and said he would file a motion to that effect Monday (27). Four General Mills soapers (NBC, 1 to 2 p.m. CDST), of which Guiding Light is one, are Wester packages.

Wester told The Billboard that the present injunction issued by circuit court here, preventing either Phillips or Carlson from moving the show until final disposition of the matter is obtained, does not apply to him and since he had complete rights he would move the show to the West Coast as originally planned.

"I own the rights to The Guiding Light," West declared, "and I have a definite contract to prove it. Furthermore, I sold the show to General Mills."

Wester fears the present litigation will "kill" the 15-minute tear jerker in the eyes of the sponsors, since it's known General Mills is getting uneasy about unfavorable fack attending the lawsuit.

Wester is moving Masquerade, one of the four soaps in the General Mills Hour to the coast June 3 and is planning to follow with The Guiding Light, Today's Children, and Woman in White in November.

A different side of the picture was presented by attorneys for Carlson, who claim half hte profits on Light since January, 1937. Light is now drawing $3,000 per week for Phillips. They indicated Carlson would be willing to dissolve partnership which was established by a recent court order for Carlson's share, plus half the proceeds of the sale if General Mills decides to take up its $50,000 optionon buying the show. If General Mills doesn't buy Light, then Carlson will ask for half of proceeds until 1949, the length of the present contract with the food company. Carlson claims he was a partner with Phillips to get Light on the air when it first was aired in 1941.

Friday (2) five new developments unfolded in circuit court concerning the case: (1) Phillips's motion to modify court decree by striking an injunction order (restraining movement of show), denied. (2) Phillips assessed $1,800 master chancery court fee costs. (3) A motion made a week ago Thursday (16) by Phillips for appointment of receiver withdrawn when the court indicated it would deny the motion. (4) Motion made the same day (16), by Phillips to file a counter-claim, withdrawn. (5) Motion for another counter-claim requesting winding up of partnership and sale of hte show allowed, with Carlson's attorneys not objecting.

Wester will make his motion to file an intervening petition, claiming he owns the show and is entitled to part of the profits. Deal between Wester and Phillips was consummated January 1, 1938.
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