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from "The Billboard", issue dated October 26, 1946...


CHICAGO, Oct. 19. - Latest round in the fight between Irna Phillips and Emmons Carlson over The Guiding Light was won in Circuit Court this week by Carlson's attorney, Earle Schiek, in getting a receivership appointed for the soap opera. Receiver is George A. Lane, who will impound all future profits, but probably as a result of the controversy, General Mills has announced intention of canceling the show around December 1.

Soaper, which was held in Chi by court order despite recent removal to Hollywood of the other three tearjerkers in the General Mills-NBC hour, is expected to show about $1,000,000 profit since its beginning in 1937. Carlson claims half of this as a partner, but is willing to settle. Court ruled he is a partner, but as a counter-move Miss Phillips filed assets to show she isn't worth more than $75,000 at the present time.

Sponsor, as predicted earlier in The Billboard, got tired of the litigation and the resultant publicity and has decided to call the whole thing off as far as it's concerned.
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