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Apr 4 2011, 02:42 PM
Hey friends,I hope everyone has a great week coming up.

Daily recap-4-4-11 :cheers:

Daniel/Jennifer- It seems like the writers are really trying to see these two, they are just not working for me. It is not that I hate them together, but Jennifer just deserves better than a horny hotdog like Daniel, he always dates his patients, :puke: Jennifer talked to him about Carly and how she cannot reach her. The two worried about her condition and thought it was because of Lawrence and all of the things she has been through lately. Jennifer saw a picture that she wanted to move, stood on a stool and fell while Daniel caught her,how romantic. He caught the love of his life, did you shed any tears? Oh so romantic :sarcasm: Jennifer trying to cease the awkward moment that passed through them, told Daniel thanks for saving her and worried if he pulled a muscle ( wow really writers, really? :rolleyes: ). Daniel walked away, leaving Jennifer alone.

- Carly was thinking her recent encounter with needles and spilled her drink while watching Justin and Adrienne kiss each other. She was offered by them to have lunch with them but she declined.

- Justin and Adrienne were the highlight of the show, as if you had any doubt :D The only flaw in their scene was the fact that Justin wanted to elope. Dear idiotic writers, this is a dynamic couple, the fans want to see them marry with the dresses, music, guests, etc we don`t want to see them elope offscreen, plumb idiots :redface: Justin already told Adrienne that he already bought the tickets so they can start packing for Vegas later, she playfully said he was bad, and he said no just in love, now this is a romantic couple!

Ejami- Sami was thinking about "Rafe"and trying to cope with his new behavior. Johnny ran into his mother arms and asked where "Rafe" was because he wanted to learn some new lessons about fighting. Ej overheard the whole conversation and not was impressed with what his son is learning. I do have to laugh at the irony of their scenes, here are two parents that do not want their kid to grow up fighting, yet they are horrible examples. Ej- c`mon brother you have no room to talk at all,you may not use your fist as a weapon but you sure do plot to destroy families. Sami- where do I start with you? just a few months ago you punched Arianna when she almost outed you out. They need to learn to set examples before they start counseling each other about how they want their son raised. Ej told Sam that he does not want his son to grow up fighting but Sami lied and said it was just a joke, but Ej was not amused. Ej is persistent to keep johnny away from fighting, yea good luck with that Ej.

Fay/"Rafe- It was probably just me or maybe I am overreactiing but Fay was screaming way to loud for me. I was almost waiting for "Rafe" to just throw her down the stairs just to shut up. "EEEEEEEEEEH EHHH" would you shut up already? :bonk: Fay was pushed down the stairs and she laid their unconsciene while "Rafe" said that she made him do that, that must have been his insanity talking.

- Sami made "Rafe" aggravated when he find out that that Fay did not die, she wanted answers.

- Nicole and Fay watched their mother bleed ( did anyone else chuckle when they saw her blood) It looked like grape juice and kool laid :doh: ) Fay and Nicole were hysterical, they both called 911. "Rafe" was hiding behind the door when Nicole went to something from upstairs.

- At the hospital Carly told Nicole that her mother may slip in the coma soon.

- Ej came later after hearing the info from Mary, he confronted Nicole and almost embraced Taylor,but she walked away.

- Ej later went by to see Fay who`s monitor went off when she thought about what Ej had planned.

It was a satisfactory show, high and low points.

Overall gradef-C+

Maybe EJ just wants Johnny to grow up and kidnap his enemies :lol: Can they stop writing EJ like this?
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