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Today's episode (138) is now posted.

an excerpt:
"As much as I loved Hawaii, it's good to be home," Reginald Callison sighed as he carried the suitcases up the walk.

"Home," his new wife, Jillian, smiled and stopped to look at their house, a wedding gift from his parents. "We're really home."

"Yes, we are." He carried the suitcases up the front steps and onto the porch before setting them down so that he could fish the keys out of his pocket. "I still can't believe that Mom and Dad gave us this house and bought that one out by the lake."

"You know, dear, all my life I've dreamed of having a house that was mine." She clasped her hands together tightly as she thought of her girlhood fantasies. "Growing up in Manhattan, we lived in a large penthouse apartment. We didn't have a back yard or a front porch. We had a lobby and an elevator."

"Well, you've got a house, now." He stuck the key into the lock, but paused when he noticed a slight change on the mailbox -- clearly the handiwork of his mother. "I think Mom's been working a little overtime while we've been gone." He nodded towards the box.

"Mr. and Mrs. Reginald Callison," Jillian read with delighted surprise. "She has been busy!" She turned and smiled at him before wrapping her arms around him. "Have I told you how happy I am to be your wife?"

"Only about a million times since the ceremony," he laughed and then unlocked the door before pushing it open. "And nothing would make me happier than hearing you say it a million more."

Jillian started to walk into the house, but Reginald quickly put his hand on her shoulder so that he could gently hold her back.

"Ah!" he cautioned. "We have to do this properly, Mrs. Callison."

"Yes, sir, Mr. Callison!"

And, with that, he scooped her up into his arms and carried her over the threshold of their new old home.

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