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Apr 6 2011, 04:52 PM
I think itīs more forced now. It somewhat worked when they were just friends connecting over the divorce issue. But now they suddenly started to force this chemistry crap and have them all these moments and itīs pretty obvious Missy and SC just doesnīt click together. They are awkward and unnatural and the writers seems struggling what to do with them.
Oh God. I witnessed one of those "moments" the other day and I wanted to bleach my eyes. Daniel had gone to the kitchen to make a phone call and Jennifer was like "I have to straighten that picture on the mantle it's driving me crazy!" I was confused thinking, "Why am I watching Jennifer have a random OCD attack over a picture frame? WTF is this?" Then Daniel entered the room just in time to catch Jennifer as she fell from the mantle. It was so cheesy I could've sworn they literally had hearts in their eyes. (And if Steve Wyman was still around, they would've...)
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