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Apr 7 2011, 08:05 AM
For me the best 'supercouples' are exciting in their own right, and can carry a story with or without the intended pairing all the time.
Also any and every great super couple has to be seperated from time to time just so they can find eachother again.. repeatedly to be honest.. Its the kind of romantic drama that makes them super, and leaves us all breathless.
Sometimes they are seperated by a presumed death, or miscomunication's, infidelity, other angsty and painful relationships. or mind altering drugs.. or mind control by sone kind of brain chip, or kidnapping .. the list is endless, the whole ingredient that makes it work is them finding their way back ,. to eachother.
It keeps us on the edge of our seat, rooting for our unfortunate lovers and soulmates.. And its the recipe for a true super douple..
Bope have it all in Spades, Plus they represent 2 important families that the show surrounds, They represent what the power of Love can achieve.

What needs to be focused on though are all the things that MAKE them, "Bo and Hope" a supercouple.
Because no matter how hard the writrs try. not just any 2 people have what it takes !

In the old days they did chemistry tests when they were trying to push for a supercouple.
They didnt just set out to hire 2 pretty people and decide they are soulmates, that does not work, as we have seen.. Back then they grew the relationship, taking the time and giving them ups and downs so we could fall in love right along with them.

But of course they needed Drama, seperation, pain, and other loves or attractions.. These are the needed ingredients that make the reunion scenes so special, also the looks between them.. sooooo important, and sadly a forgotten element,. They used to know how to draw in fans just with "The Look" So we were NEVER in doubt where a persons heart was.. even if that meant it was in 3 places.. I.e Roman/Marlena/John triangle.. at first she clearly both men and following her true love was a painful experience.. and it even took years for the entire truth to emerge, but the beauty was that WE always knew. Just like the John/Marlena/ Issabella triangle .. John obviously loved them both, but he loved them differently.. ut WE always knew where his true heart was. , and because we KNEW.. It gave us so much to hope for. nd so many stories and close calls for the future.

A couple didnt have to be "Together" in order for them to have a great love story, because we always knew how they truly felt inside..
Sadly DOOL does not know how to write great love and adventure stories anymore, and a good writer could do it on a budget , with all the Drama it brings with it.

Now days all we get is fast almost meaningless and empty sex.
I remember when sex (or making Love) was a HUGE payoff in a story.. usually only done in sweeps, or it took up a great deal of the story. We may have had teasers, Romantic dinners and dances.. little almost moments that made you catch your breath in anticipation, things as simple has holding hands or the touching of fingers, passionate kisses.. John carrying Marlena up the stairs, or a bedroom door closing during a passionate kiss.. But Sex was often left to our imagination and never cheapened the way it has been lately.

This is why its hard to root for couples now, they are forced and have very little chemistry.. And good couples are abvout so much more than sex.. Until we have a writer that knows that We have little chance for couples working.

Bo and Hope represent the best of what we have left.. No they are not perfect, but I dont agree that they have no stories left.. They could have some great stories its just the writing that is lacking.
Even recently after getting back together, the writers have missed huge opportunities..

So its not the actors or the couples fault.. Its definately the writing,
Great Post and I agree! Bope are the greatest supercouple and I started watching Days in the 90's and was introduced to Bope and have loved them ever sine. I have lots of favorites on days and other soaps but Bope are my all tim favorites. This past seperation has only made me root for Bope harder.
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