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Yes, a big story which will last all of ten episodes.

Then, comes a summer story where we know from PR himself on twitter (the comments are posted in this thread just in case you think I'm speaking for him again) that it's not a Bo story and I can't imagine it's a Hope one so it's a story that won't even be led by them. So, they will move on with their issues still left mostly unresolved.
Um, first off, Lauren who plays Ciara is in 10 episodes in April. Peter and Kristian are in more than those episodes. Please don't base her count on theirs because that's not true. Secondly, Peter was responding to a Carbo/Bo fan question tweet (yes, I did see the tweet) and she asked if the upcoming storyline would have Bo involved in a big story? He responded this was not a Bo story, because the summer storyline is a BO and HOPE storyline. They actually started shooting that last week! It is not a backburnner one.

Like I said. If you choose to stick with Bo and Hope during the upcoming April story, you will see alot more dealt with during the Ciara running away story. This may appear to be a rushed reunion because they sleep together next Friday, but there is ALOT more to come! :)
ummm the tweet was to me and he NOWHERE did he say it was a Bope story!! Just that he would be working more!
I saw the tweet but do you also read his articles or just his tweets, cause he does infer that it is a Bo and Hope story.

As a fan, if Peter is happy with the story then so am I. And whether you are happy with the storyline or not you can't deny that Peter is happy, he certainly sounds it.
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