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Today's episode (140) is now posted.

an excerpt:
Reginald Callison hurried down the stairs, tightening his tie. He'd over slept and was worried that he was going to be late for work. However, a quick check of his watch proved that he still had enough time for a quick cup of coffee at Joe's Cafe before he had to be at the office.

As his foot hit the bottom step, he paused and looked around curiously. What was that smell? Coffee? Confused he followed the scent down the front hall and towards the kitchen. What he found utterly shocked him.

"Good morning, dear," his wife, Jillian, turned and smiled as she put the bread in the toaster. "I hope you've got time for breakfast."

"Breakfast?" He eyed her suspiciously and moved further into the room. There he saw an elaborately set table with their best china, polished silver, and delicate crystal. In the center of the table was a bouquet of fresh cut flowers. "When did you have the time to do this? When I got up to get ready for work, I left you sound asleep in bed!"

"You only thought I was sound asleep," she laughed as she wiped her hands on her apron before going over to kiss him tenderly. "I got up right after you did."

"So...what's this all about? You fixed breakfast?"

"Honey, I'm tired of you having to stop at Joe's on the way to the office for a bite to eat." She walked over to the coffee pot and poured him a cup. "I'm your wife and I should send you out of the house in the morning with a full stomach, ready to start your day."

"But you didn't have to go to so much trouble just for breakfast." He glanced at the elaborate table as he took the cup from her. "It's just breakfast."

"But I wanted it to be perfect!"

Reginald exhaled slowly and then took a sip of his coffee -- and then immediately made the worst face of his entire life.

"Ew...um...." He shuddered from the acrid taste.

"Is it all right?" she asked, looking at him with concern. "I followed the directions and...."

"Have you...um...had a cup of coffee, yet?" He tried to casually set his own cup aside, but his actions weren't lost on her.

"No, I've been so busy that I haven't had time." She looked down at the discarded cup of coffee and furrowed her brow. "What's wrong with it?"

"Nothing," he smiled warmly as he tried to hide his true feelings before picking up the cup and forcing down another sip. "It's wonderful."

"Oh, I'm so glad," she sighed with relief. "I was worried for a second."

Reginald set the cup down again and swallowed hard as he watched Jillian while she continued finishing breakfast. A sinking feeling in his gut -- one other than the settling coffee -- gave him an uncomfortable sense of foreboding about the meal at hand.

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