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I randomly picked an episode from last week to watch on youtube--Thursday's show. I instructed myself to try to watch the entire thing, no FF'ing but unfortunately for me, Chad was on so I failed in that resolve. However, I would say I watched about 70% of the show.


1. Line o' the 21st century was Rafe 2 standing over Sami's sadly-only-in-fantasy lifeless body and saying, "I should have done that a long time ago." So very, very true. Color me shocked, but I actually enjoyed, more or less, almost everything about the Sami/Rafe 2 mess, even when it was obvious she was really still alive, though I do have some questions:

(a) Who would stay with a man who she really believed had thought about killing her, as Sami told Caroline? I guess Sami's so used to being treated like dogshit by EJ while he claims to love her that she's lost her ability to tell what's dangerous and what isn't.

(b) Leaving aside the fact that Sami of all people ought to immediately think, "doppelganger!" when dismissing the idea that the accident is to blame, shouldn't her next thought be that Rafe has a drug problem? Has she considered that? I don't think she mentioned it to Caroline.

(c) Didn't Caroline just have a stroke not long ago, not to mention the fact that she's in her early 100s? And she's watching young children? I know we always remark on this, but seriously, it's nuts.

(d) Getting back to Rafe 2, LOVED the sarcastic bit about how they'd go to their special clearing and have a picnic and make love all day if that was what Sami wanted but right now he has a fucking JOB--he has to supposedly go on a stakeout with the zaftig Detective McCarthy, for pete's sake.

2. JS does so well with AZ, and then it all falls apart when NL shows up. I mean, she is a pretty woman, in a cookie-cutter, anyone-could-look-like-this-with-plastic-surgery-Barbie-doll kind of way, but beyond that I have no idea why anyone thinks acting is the career for her. I don't exactly hate Easy Lay Tay, I just find her ridiculous, like, REALLY, Days? Really? You think this cardboard dipstick could cause anyone to fall in love with her at first sight?

It was also nice of the writers to throw in an extra dollop of WTFery regarding the non-triangle of Nicole/EJ/Taylor. Now that EJ has been unable to express romantic love for Nicole, I am still going to need someone to explain, slowly and clearly, why it is that EJ doesn't just go be with his swan. If he married Nicole strictly for business reasons, doesn't love her and IS in enchanted romantic mega-scarf-luv with someone else, why doesn't he just get a divorce? I'm sure Father Matt would tell him it's okay.

3. I actually find the Nicole-Fay stuff pretty decently done. I find it very realistic, as much as that term ever gets used on Days, to have a daughter devastated by the possible loss of the mother she's just slowly getting to get close to. It's a different kind of poignant, but not less touching, than the mother and daughter who have always been close. Nicole is the prodigal daughter, after all.

4. I do not like nuAbby. Something about her bugs me--she just looks super rode-hard-and-put-up-wet to me. Maybe it's the unnatural blond shade that's 100% wrong for her skin tone? I don't know. I tried to watch her scenes with Chad but bo-ring. I also only lasted a couple minutes with Kate and Stefano, who I have no real affection for in the first place and who, if they're going to be talking about Chad, aren't worth my valuable time.

5. Melanie wasn't on!!!!!!!! And as far as I know, nobody talked about her!!!! That, along with the Sami-dying fantasy, made the fact that Easy Lay was on quite tolerable. I realize I'll never get lucky enough to have a day without all three, but if I have to have 2 out of the 3 this was the way to do it.
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