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Come on Ron, We are counting on YOU !!

I caught up with Friday's epi over the weekend. I really, really enjoyed that epi.

I loved the BOpe scene...I think it was beautifully acted out, very loving and touching. I also like the touch with the song. I think having a song with lyrics does wonders for a love making scene. It just nicer IMHO.

I think that Ari is killing this story. She is amazing (I saw Monday and OMG).....seriously, why isn't this woman nominated in the lead actress category? She is definately not supporting anything in this.....I've always thought that the success of the baby switch was primarily due to the fact that it was Nicole's story to tell. This appears to be once again shifting into Nicole's story to tell....and I like that very much. Taylor should fade into the background, seriously NL is bad, but the writing for Taylor is just awful. I don't even have hope that TB stepping into the role will make me think this story could go places...unless she 'snaps' and goes psycho against EJ then I see nothing else that would be interesting. It could certainly happen as part of her mother's death....she can have those thoughts of 'life is too short so if you want someone you need to fight for them' type of deal....and oh lord, I feel bad for Easylay...because once Nicole finds out....she's toast and Nicole is likely to take EJ's balls and strangle her with them....

I started laughing when I saw Rafe2 talking to himself w/his disguise...that was painful to watch, but funny all at the same time.

not a bad epi, not the best but I didn't find myself ffwd all that much....that is always a plus.
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