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Apr 11 2011, 12:21 AM
I thought Friday was a wonderfully written and put together episode.

I'm so happy they are finally focusing on Nicole's issues with Fay and I love that she got scenes with Abe and that we got updated on how things are with Abe and Brandon. That was a very real conversation and AZ and JR were great. I love how Nicole and Fay's making peace is adding some poignancy to all of this. I also love how we saw stories intersect a bit as Carly overheard Abe and Nicole and nearly took drugs again. I'm loving her battling her demons and fighting the urge to take the drugs. Her talk with Nicholas and showdown with Vivian was great.

I really hope this Vivian stuff with her going after Stefano improves. I'm on the fence and I still need to get a sense of what Vivian is shooting for here.

I loved the Rafe scenes at the psych ward and the Rafe 2 stuff.

Also, love how Bo followed up and caught Ciara in that lie. I'm loving the focus on Ciara. The Bo and Hope love scene, while still far too early in the game, was well done. I missed hearing "I Can't Live Without Your Love" and love the way it was presented and acted out by PR and KA. It had a sense of rediscovery and awkwardness, which was needed. I liked the stuff with Bo wearing glasses too. Very realistic.
I enjoyed Fridays show.. But anymore I have a hard time taking the leap that **ANYTHING** is "Well Written".
It might be better than yesterday, or last week, or next week .. But even when something comes across and touches us somehow in a good way, it always derails somehow unfinished with more to be told or things that make you go Hmmmm.. Then The bad writing soon diverts us into an abyss of whatthefuckery**
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