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Apr 11 2011, 03:53 PM
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Why is she supposed to be blond? We've had two blond Abby's and two brunette Abby's before her.
I dont ever remember a brunette Abby, I only recall Blonde Abby.
Jack and Jen are both Blonde.. in my heart and mind Abby is blonde.. I suppose others might like the look, but in my eyes it would be like Hope dyeing her hair Blonde, Or Jen becoming a going with dark hair.. Or Chloe with Red hair.. for me i can deal with style changes, cuts, and even playing with touches of color.. Belle, and Mimi did it all the time.. but they never lost their essence..
For me she does not seem anything like Abby. In looks or actions.
Jack's not blonde.
Well, He always looked like he had dark blonde or light brown to me..
In anycase.. I guess none of the dark haired Abby's were that good, or had much of a story since I dont recall them..I think of Abby, and I think of the last Abby, and I think Blonde.
So still, for me it would be like Hope being Blonde. Its just wierd and a hard connection.
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