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EX-EastEnders star Lacey Turner's younger sister Daisy is set to make her Hollyoaks debut - but admits she's terrified of being panned by critics.

Gorgeous Daisy, 20, arrives on the Chester-based teen soap as trickster tomboy Jenny on Friday.

But she fears comparisons to big sister Lacey, 23 - who won more than 30 awards for her role as Stacey Branning before quitting in December.

Daisy told TV Biz: "I've prepared myself for people to say I'm not as good as Lacey. It can be annoying to always be referred to as her sister.

"But getting this part is something that I have done on my own. I don't want people to think I only got it because of Lacey.

"Lacey has done so well it does put pressure on me. I think she is brilliant and I want to be as good as that.

"I've tried my best so we will have to wait and see what people think."

Daisy is so nervous about appearing on the Channel 4 soap that she plans to watch it alone.

The family threw a party when Lacey first appeared in Albert Square in 2004 and also more recently when youngest sister Lily Harvey, ten, appeared in Walford as Shenice Quinn.

Daisy said: "I'm worried because it's my first big thing.

"My mum threw a party for Lacey and Lily and she wants to throw one for me - but I don't want one. I find it too cringe-worthy, I'd prefer to sit and watch it on my own."

Daisy said she didn't need to ask Lacey for acting advice because she learned by watching her on TV.

She said: "Seeing her on screen pushed me more to want to be an actress. I was about 16 when she joined EastEnders.

"It was a bit weird watching her on telly at first but you get used to it.

"I found it funny when she did sex scenes. But I cried when Stacey was diagnosed with bipolar, thinking, 'That's my sister, what's she doing?'

"I think it's great that Lily is on it now - it would have been fun if they'd been in Walford together."

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