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Today's episode (143) is now posted.

an excerpt:
"Do I look okay?" Sara Manchester asked as she took her husband Dane's arm and stepped off the elevator. "I want to make a good impression with your parents."

"You look fine," Dane muttered, not completely paying attention to her. He was way too nervous about seeing his parents again for the first time in months.

They'd never supported his marriage to Sara -- in fact, he'd never quite supported it, either -- and had even cut him out of the family as a result. But now they'd been invited to what was probably one of the most important nights in his father's career -- a fundraiser to support Dane's father's run for state senate. To say that Dane was nervous would have been an understatement.

"Sara, darling, you look magnificent!" Sara's mother Joyce Preston exclaimed, following them out of the elevator. "Once Dane's parents meet you, they're going to love you! I bet they quickly wonder why they ever had such strong opposition to you and Dane being married."

"I hope so," Sara said softly, more to herself than to them as her eyes darted around the room for any glimpse of her in-laws so that she could make a quick assessment of them before being thrust into the spotlight. "I really hope so."

Unfortunately, Sara couldn't get over the gnawing feeling in her gut that told her that Dane's parents weren't going to be won over so easily.

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