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Grandpa Hughes
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Apr 12 2011, 11:12 AM
My dear DR pals, I need a favor. Please post suggestions for your Soap's Greatest Moments and why you chose them, and I need you historians to suggest scenes or stories from shows like Love of Life, Somerset, Edge of Night, etc. I'm helping out a friend. Some of the obvious picks are already included, i.e. BJ's death on GH, the AIDS quilt on OLTL, Reva's "Slut of Springfield" scene on GL, etc.

You can post here since it would be a fun topic to read and also, PLEASE email your choices to Alina, who runs the PGP blogspot. She is the one putting together this project.

[email protected]

Thanks a million! :rockon:
I can't access Alina's link! I keep getting an "error" message! I will mention some old school stuff! From ANOTHER WORLD:The scene where Rachel tells Alice she's pregnant with Steve's baby on the day of Alice's engagement party! Although I was very young, there was a mysterious erotic subtext to Steve and Rachel! Robin Strasser was incredible as a nasty, cruel, grasping bitch and it fired my young imagination! DAYS OF OUR LIVES: The kiss between Julie and Doug after literally years of being apart and with other partners! Doug confronted Julie who was married to Bob Anderson over her plans to have a tryst with Don Craig! The dialogue was snappy and the build up intense (Doug: "You're a tramp, Julie!" Julie: "Well at least I'm ALIVE!" Doug: "And available!" Julie: "You BET I'm available!" upon which Doug pulls her into a passionate kiss!) I had been watching the tension between these characters for several years and it was always clear that although Julie could have any man in Salem, it was Doug she truly loved! It was a deeply satisfying scene after watching the hurt, bitter Julie interact with her "stepfather" for several years! THE DOCTORS: Althea Davis had a stormy relationship with her daughter Penny who was vicious and cruel to her mother! It turned out Penny had a brain tumor! She was operated on and while recovering, attacked Althea yet again! Liz Hubbard's performance as Althea realized it WASN'T a tumor causing her daughter's cruelty was heartbreaking and Julia Duffy was spot on as a confused kid spitting venom! It struck home in a most personal way! HOW TO SURVIVE A MARRIAGE: David Bachman's death! This show suffered from all sorts of backstage drama, recasts, writer changes and missed potential in so many areas! David and Fran were sort of a latter day version of Stu and Marge Bergman! Comic relief and a shoulder for next door neighbor Chris Kirby to lean on after her divorce! David suffered a sudden massive heart attack and spent several days in the hospital before dying! Fran Brill, Allan Miller and Rosemary Prinz as their doctor friend gave magnificent performances! When David died, I believe it was the first and maybe only time I was moved to tears by a soap opera! Incredibly moving, realistic drama! Sorry for the usual long winded post but those are some examples of NBC's "powerhouse" lineup of soaps geared towards a more "modern" generation! I DO have a "SOMERSET" moment but I'll leave some room for someone else!
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