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Today's episode (144) is now posted.

an excerpt:
"Are you sure there's not something bothering you?" Dr. Calvin Jackson eyed Ruby Thomas closely. "If Naomi's done something to you again, I want to know about it. She might be my sister, but I'm not blind to how she can be."

"No, she hasn't really done anything to me." Ruby dried her hands on a dishtowel, turning her back to Calvin, and slowly moved away. "It's just that she...."

"She has done something, hasn't she?" He came up behind her and put his hand on her shoulder. "What is it now? What has that fool sister of mine done that's gotten you so out of sorts?"

She hesitated and bit her lip nervously. Yes, Naomi was up to something, but nothing to do with Ruby, herself. There was something odd going on between Naomi and the Manchesters. Ruby was certain of it. However, all she really had were suspicions based only on a half-heard conversation that she'd had no business overhearing. Was it her place to tell Calvin a bunch of speculations and suspicions based, essentially, on nothing? Would telling him about her concerns -- which, truthfully, could be completely unfounded -- cause more trouble between her and Naomi that she wasn't really eager to deal with? And, after all, was it really her business?

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