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The Royal Stoner

Gonna post my thoughts here, then email them on to Alina. I guess I'll go soap by soap.

Erica having the 1st Onscreen Abortion

Bianca coming out to Erica- not because it was so well done, but because it was groundbreaking and Erica Kane's daughter!!

The climax of Mitch/Rachel/Mac/Janice in St Croix. I've only seen the flashbacks but those scenes of Rachel stabbing Janice in the pool have been talked about for YEARS.

Alice & Steve's Engagement Party, when Rachel pointedly informed Alice that she was pregnant with Steve's child. THAT moment is and always will be considered EPIC by the long-time AW fans. What I wouldn't give to re-live it on youtube. If only AW made it to the 30th Anniversary eps of '94- I'm pretty sure they showed it in a flashback on that episode.

Cecile kidnaps Cass to her island and drugs him. Those "From Here To Eternity" knock off scenes, with Cass & Cecile rolling around on the beach as Kathleen walks up, are classic soap. Cecile was a true original, and probably one of the greatest soap characters of all-time IMO. She deserves a spot on the list.

Anne Heche made such a HUGE impression as Vicky that it's tough to site one particular moment for her. Probably something during the Who Shot Jake? story, when Jake raped Marley and Vicky was protecting her and they switched places at the trial. She was riveting in that entire storyline.


The reveal that Lily was adopted and actually Iva's daughter. I wasn't watching then, but I've seen the scenes on youtube and that story packed quite a wallop back then.

The climax of the Doug Cummings/Kim's Stalker storyline. Also a HUGE moment from Marland's ATWT

I hope somebody can come up with a particular incident during Susan's drunken days in the 70s. I hear that her storylines, especially involving Dan and Kim, were riveting back then.

Maura West's debut as Carly Tenney. That frizzed out hair, those perfect red lips, unabashed sex appeal- she was like a vixen from the movies of the 40s and made a huge impression from the start. Her chemistry with Shawn Christian's Mike was off the charts!!


Brooke and BeLief- The episodes where Brooke lawyers up with Connor Walsh and informs Stephanie and the Forresters that she wants 51% ownership of the company in exchange for the formula to this day are my absolute favorite of all-time on that show, and I'd watched for less than a year at that point. KKL gave the performance of her career as Brooke FINALLY gained the upper hand on nemesis Stephanie, ex-husband Eric, and ex-lover Ridge.

Stephanie confronts Brooke about Thorne at Big Bear- Those scenes won Susan Flannery her 1st Emmy as Stephanie and were sheer madness. Steph confronting Brooke in her lingerie waiting for Thorne was INSANE! I remember her picking up a knife, the fire poker, raging at Brooke. It was amazing, can't take your eyes off it television. Gosh, I miss when soaps were so edge of your seat jaw gaping exciting like that.

I'll post more in a little bit.
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