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Today's episode (145) is now posted.

an excerpt:
"And this gown is just exquisite," the sales girl said as she held out the evening gown for inspection. "Just look at this fine detailing. You're certain to be the belle of the ball in this!"

"It is nice," Stephanie Monroe nodded, her eyes focused on the gown. "But...."


"It's red. I'm not sure that I...well...I don't think that color would work for me." More accurately, she was concerned that a red dress was exactly what everyone would expect from her -- the old her. Stephanie was determined not to feed the energies of her nay-sayers and detractors.

"But, Mrs. Monroe, it is a Fourth of July ball," the sales girl pointed out. "The color scheme is red, white, and blue. This dress would fit perfectly!"

"I know, but..." Stephanie grimaced. True, it would fit the theme, but still.... "Do you have something in white? Or maybe black? Black is always a good evening color."

"Have you considered separates?" The sales girl hurriedly pulled several pieces from the rack of gowns she'd selected for Stephanie to see. "This evening blouse and ball skirt would make a delightful combination!"

"Oh, I don't know," Stephanie sighed. "I just want this night to be perfect. The dress I pick has to make a statement -- the right statement."

"Looks like you're doing the exact same thing I'm doing today," came a warm familiar laugh from behind Stephanie. "I swear, picking the right gown for one of these functions can be an event in and of itself."

Stephanie tensed up at the sound of the voice. Just what she didn't need today -- nitpick fashion tips from the glamour-puss of Albanyville. Taking a deep breath and putting on her best smile, she turned to face her newest friend and one-time rival Jillian Callison....

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