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Episode #147 is now posted.

an excerpt:
"How do I look?" Lorraine Davis asked as she spun around in front of the floor-length mirror for her mother Edwina Blake to see. "I hope I didn't spend too much money on this dress."

"You look wonderful, dear," Edwina smiled. "I'm sure that once Douglas sees you in that gown, he won't even think about the price tag. Besides, it really wasn't that expensive. You did get it on sale."

"Oh, I know," Lorraine sighed. "And I know that Douglas's promotion means more money, but I don't want to over do it." She paused and looked down at her watch and sighed again. "What's keeping him, Momma? What's taking him so long to get home?"

"Honey, he called you from the airport as soon as his plane landed. He'll be here in just a few minutes. I'm sure his cab has just gotten stuck in traffic or something."

"I just miss him so much. I know it's only been a few weeks, but it seems like forever." Lorraine walked over to the window and looked outside in hopes of seeing her husband's taxi pulling up. To her relief, the taxi appeared in sight at just that moment. "Oh, Momma! There he is! It's him!"

Without saying another word, Lorraine hurried out of the bedroom, down the hall, and down the stairs, reaching the front door just as Douglas came through it.

"Oh, Douglas, I've missed you," she said as she flew into his arms and kissed him lovingly. "Now, I know there's not much time left for you to get ready for the party, but you've got to tell me everything. How did your meeting with Mr. Macalister go? Did you get him to sign on with Callison? Tell me everything!"

"There's...not much to tell really," Douglas muttered and walked past her to set his suitcases down by the stairs. "The meeting went well. He didn't sign, though, but...."

"He didn't sign?"

"Almost, but not quite." He paused and rubbed the back of his neck, tight with tension. "He's coming to town in a few weeks to meet Charles personally and, if everything goes well, he'll sign." He looked up at the clock on the wall. "Look, if we're going to make it to that party on time, I need to hurry up and get ready. I'll...be down in a bit."

As Douglas disappeared up the stairs, Lorraine stood at the bottom and looked up at him. Although she couldn't put her finger on it, something was odd about her husband. He seemed different. Something was wrong. Suddenly, without real reason, Lorraine felt a sense of worry and dread flood over her.

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