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If I ever get another pet, I swear to God Im namig her Suzie Soapstar.

I know this has been said multiple times in this thread but I feel awful for the fans of these iconic shows. I felt that way personally when Another World and PAssions got the ax. Although, I ways knew Passions could go at any minute. Shit, imsurprised it lasted as long as it did! I've watched AMC here and there but never really cared for it. But I tons tons who adore it andOLTL. The only soap I have left is Days....and if they don't get their asses in gear, I'll be devastated. Never thought Id see the day when sooo many soaps are ending. It's just sad. And don't get me started on a show called the Fucking Chew!! Geez!!! However, it'll be interesting to see if this Sony deal pans out. I think it could be great for NBC and I'd love too see three soaps on NBC again. The behind the scenes stuff really is better than the actual shows! Lol :)
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