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Viewing Single Post From: Ali Sweeney directs "Dating Grace" web series starring Martha Madison

Martha Madison tweeted a link to this facebook page, describing the pilot for her new web series directed by Ali Sweeney.


It's not clear from the page if it's going to be a serial (ie, 'web soap') or an online sitcom-type series. From the thread at the bottom of the facebook page, it sounds like they're starting online and hoping to move to TV.

From the facebook page:

This is the true dating life of a 30-something, successful, single woman living in Los Angeles. The men she dates and the experiences she has are unbelievable and hilarious!

Plot Outline
If you're single and still looking for love, then you will definitely relate to Grace. When you're independent, successful and a little used to being by yourself, sometimes it's hard to open yourself up to meet that perfect person and allow yourself to go out of your box, but Grace is up for the challenge. She's going to explore every avenue of the dating circuit and give every guy a chance. The experiences she brings us are hilarious, outrageous and down right crazy! You will be laughing the entire time you're watching and feel for Grace and what she's going through. I'm sure many of you have experienced the same. Enjoy!

Martha Madison

Directed By
Alison Sweeney

Written By
Terie Wohlford
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