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May 5 2011, 05:45 PM
My mom watches Biggest Loser. A couple of weeks back she asked me how Alison Sweeney can do BL and Days at the same time, and does she have time for her kids. I said they probaby work around her schedule and I don't think they shoot BL all year around. My mom still thought it was weird. Then I started thinking about all the other stuff that's been discussed here. Twitter, books, talk-shows and now this web series. Of course some say we are just bashing AS but I thought it was interesting that my mom who's just a "general fan" and has never read any DAYS boards noticed the very same thing.
Yep! She's in NYC right now for the "Mother's Day" episode of Wendy Williams. She tweeted yesterday that she and Megan were enjoying time together before she leaves for NYC, so presumably the way she's celebrating, or at least leading up to, Mother's Day is to leave the kids in LA. Tomorrow is a Science Diet promotional event in New York for her dogfood endorsement. (Seriously, you can't make this stuff up.) She has these "walks in the park" one or two weekends a month for a fitness endorsement, and last weekend she was discussing the "Mommy Diet' at the LA Times Book Festival. I think the more times we hear the word "Mommy" out of her, the less time she actually spends with her kids.
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