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Viewing Single Post From: Ali Sweeney directs "Dating Grace" web series starring Martha Madison

May 5 2011, 06:02 PM
May 5 2011, 05:56 PM
She's in NYC right now for the "Mother's Day" episode of Wendy Williams. She tweeted yesterday that she and Megan were enjoying time together before she leaves for NYC, so presumably the way she's celebrating, or at least leading up to, Mother's Day is to leave the kids in LA. Tomorrow is a Science Diet promotional event in New York for her dogfood endorsement. (Seriously, you can't make this stuff up.) She has these "walks in the park" one or two weekends a month for a fitness endorsement, and last weekend she was discussing the "Mommy Diet' at the LA Times Book Festival. I think the more times we hear the word "Mommy" out of her, the less time she actually spends with her kids.
LoL, she's such a fame whore and money hog.

I'm surprised she hasn't sold her forehead as ad space yet.
ROFL - her other little hobby is tweeting about what she's wearing/eating/etc using specific product names, so that they'll tweet her back. A week or so ago she tweeted about her amazing Yoplait yogurt, then she acted surprised when they tweeted her back and wanted to know what flavor. (I'm sure she had her agent on the phone with them in a second.) She also tweeted the company who made the sweater she wore on TBL and asked them if it sold out from her having worn it (LOL). Every time I think she can't get worse... she does.

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