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May 6 2011, 10:46 AM
May 5 2011, 11:21 PM
]Of all the things to criticize Ali for Kenny, you're criticizing her for hijacking and rewriting Hackley's scripts? :lol:

Cause in hindsight I kind of want to give her a medal.
Oh, I'm not criticizing her for re-writing the scripts. I'm criticizing her for bragging about it for kudos, LoL.
If what she wrote was what aired around the summer olympics in '08, it's some of the better stuff we've seen in awhile.

The tweet to the sweater people had me LOL! I think she has a little higher opinion of herself than some around here do! ;)

I remember reading that she wanted less time at the studio, like three days a week (?) I don't know if that would necessarily mean less air time though with how they shoot things now. I remember getting excited thinking it would be less airtime, but so far, with the exception of her being gone for a couple of weeks when BL was shooting, I haven't seen less of her. :unsure:
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