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May 5 2011, 12:31 AM
I don't think it's that they CAN'T do interviews, I think it just means that they can only do interviews with ABC PR approved outlets & those interviews can only be negotiated via ABC PR (unlike typically when you couldn't get ABC PR to do shit and the actors would set up stuff themselves). What this boils down to is that Suzi Soapstar will probably only be allowed to speak to SOD, SID, SOW or TV Guide but will be forbidden to open their mouths to outlets like our own NaVell's Buzzworthy Radio, Daytime Confidential, Soaptown, etc.
OLTL PR came to ME to do interviews w/ its peeps to promote sweeps month, and does not want me to condone in the fact that has been canceled and such. Basically, I can do interviews w/ them, but it cannot mention anything on the cancellation or anything else featured in a negative light, ie Robin Strasser.

I am sure Lauri Hogan heard the Stardish Radio show w/ La Strasser and Cat Hickland. I am sure she also noticed how Daytime Confidential called her out for being a lazy publicist at OLTL. Hell, even Michael Logan said so. Normally, and this has happened before, when she gets called out by other outlets, she will then get to moving on interviews and such.
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