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That clip is very historically significant for 2 reasons. First of all, the episode it comes from is the December 2, 1975, episode which is the SECOND episode of the series after the switch to ABC. The scenes on the courthouse steps, however, are a replay of the final scenes from the previous episode (the 1st ABC episode, of course) which was a 90 minute special to premiere EDGE on ABC. Also, the theme song that plays is the ULTRA rare "Big Band" arrangement of the classic theme song. So universally loathed, the theme only lasted a few weeks before being replaced with the old arrangement of the theme that had been used on CBS which then continued until the original version of the "C&B" theme premiered in 1976 (or 1977, I forget) that would then carry the show through the rest of its time on ABC (although it did get the famed "Disco" arrangement in 1980). The Big Band theme is so rare, this is the very first time I've EVER gotten to hear it and I'm nearly certain that this clip is the only place it can be heard online. It's so rare, that for a long time a lot of people thought it was lost.
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