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And that was always what was so wonderful about EDGE -- Henry Slesar KNEW what he was doing and where the story was going before he even started it. He KNEW that if Margo Dorn was murdered, who did it, HOW it was done, WHY the police would think someone else did it, etc. There was no "Oh, let's kill off so-and-so and figure out who did it any why later on. And then change out minds and try to make it sound good." Watching EDGE was not a passive experience because you had to actively pay attention to things because they might come back into play later. Unless it was a deliberate red herring, of course (but, then again, even THOSE ended up meaning SOMETHING). I never got to watch EDGE the first time around, but I rediscovered it when they were running it online on AOL and I picked it up while Draper had amnesia right as he and Emily bought Draper & April's house. I was SO FREAKING HOOKED. I'm so pissed that P&G stopped running old soaps on AOL.
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