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SOD: Sami and Rafe Reunite!

Sami confesses to being intimate with the impostor Rafe, but by week's end, she and the real Rafe finally reconnect and make love!

"Certainly, it's being with Sami, and spending time together, that helps Rafe to regain parts of his memory," shares Galen Gering.

With Rafe's memory improving, the bond between them strengthens. But just as they move closer to cementing that bond, a tied-up Rafe 2 interfered. He taunts Sami and wonders if he was a better lover than her husband. Rafe decks the impostor.

Later, Rafe initiates an uneasy discussion with Sami. Did she have sex with the impostor? "Their talk is partly motivated by the reality that he was gone for months and found out that this guy took his place," explains Gering. "Rafe probably already knows the answer, but he just needs to hear it from Sami."

Rafe is infuriated when she admits that, yes, she and Rafe 2 were intimate. "His anger is definitely not toward Sami," Gering clarifies. "She was put in a position where she was led to believe that this guy was her husband. If anything, Rafe is angry with the DiMeras and this scum of a guy that would do this to Sami. He's sad and disappointed."

When Sami realizes that Rafe doesn't blame her for what happened, they share a passionate kiss. "I'm sure what happened wasn't an easy thing for Sami, or for Rafe," notes Gering. "Clearly, it's a difficult situation for them, but they have a really strong relationship. They trust and support one another, and that will help them work through it."

Shortly after, Sami and Rafe leave the impostor at a secure location and find a private place for themselves, where they make love for the first time since being separated.

Their next order of business is to decide how to punish EJ and Stefano. "They're going to pay dearly," promises Gering. "Rafe will find time to exact the perfect revenge upon them. There's no doubt or question in Rafe's mind."
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