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Viewing Single Post From: SOD/SOW: Sami and Rafe Reunite/Safe Make Love!
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May 11 2011, 04:30 PM
From what I can sense even though they talk the real Rafe is having doubts and is not happy being with Sami as he lets on. Even though they talk he doesn't seem happy being with Sami I sense that just from his tone.

Again this seems rushed after they talk like ok dookie I'm fine with this already even though I'm not fine with this lets have sex. Troubles are going to come up and something tells me that Rafe is not happy being with Sami as he lets on.

The only thing Rafe right now is that he wants to take Stefano and EJ down for good this time but that doesn't mean hes happy hes not happy about this and not happy with Sami about not being able to tell that was him and for sleeping with the imposter and is having doubts but all he wants to do right now to get his mind off of being unhappy with what Sami did is to put EJ and Stefano out of commision for good this time and so hes focusing all his energies on doing just that.
honestly IMO he is not one bit troubled by it.....he blames EJ, not Sami, so there is no issue for them!
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