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May 11 2011, 04:43 PM
Sure he blames EJ but in away I think he is disapointed in Sami too and is not happy that she couldn't tell that wasn't him as he lets on. So I do think hes unhappy with both what EJ and Stefano done and unhappy that Sami slept with another guy and couldn't tell it wasn't him.

This is just too quick in my opinion that hes ok with it all when I don't think he is and instead of truly talking things out hes wants to jump into to taking down the bad guys thats not healthy to not talk think truly out and over a long talk instead of a few second talk. I do think that this will come up again that Rafe is not as happy being with Sami as he lets on.
this is IMO is the normal next step in this sl.....but clearly if GGs statements are any indication it is not......he is not mad at her at all and they jump right in the sack.......not to mention the fact that Sami just realized she was fucking an imposter all along but has ZERO qualms about jumping in bed with that face without a blink, am I then supposed to believe this affected her somehow.....BS if they go that way! :puke:
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