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ALL MY CHILDREN: It is being said that Agnes Nixon and Lorraine Broderick have a wish list. Rumor has it that the two are attempting to organize this list for the final months of All My Children. No word if there is any truth behind this but it certainly would not be a bad idea. Kaye and McClain are definites for a return. Whether or not David Canary and Julia Barr will be returning is anyone's guess. Will Jack and Erica "finally" marry and end the show with a wedding of all weddings? Many viewers have voiced their opinions all over the Internet who they would love to see come back dead or alive......... My ultimate return would be Leo since we all know his body was never found. Whether or not this will comes to pass depends on the all mighty dollar. Will past actors except a lower rate for their returns if ABC makes the offer? .....I told you last week the name of Erica's captor, Jane Campbell. Jane will be revealed to be a crazy fan of Erica’s who means her no harm. We will learn how she changed her face. She merely wishes to take over Erica’s life after collecting every pertinent detail from her prisoner, who has been held in a replica of her penthouse.....If you visited Thorsten Kaye's website you will know by now that the deal for his return is all but done, and Zach is alive, not a ghost.....Stephanie Gatschet said the actors and crew were so happy with the nominations that they threw an impromptu BBQ today at work. AMC gets 13 noms despite being canceled and TPTB at the network do nothing to pick up the tab or their spirits. As one reader said "There's a special place in hell waiting for Frons."

ONE LIFE TO LIVE: If you haven't heard the news it seems OLTL is eliminating cast members sooner then expected. I told you that TPTB are thinning out the cast and it looks like Matthew just may be the first to go thanks to Nate who punches Matthew after finding out he killed Eddie and tried to put the blame on him. ...When Tomas tells Todd he knows what he did, Todd does a complete 180 and allows Tomas to stick around. Guess we know what that means... And speaking of Tomas, Ted King has a clause in his contract that guarantees him payment if ABC decides to let him go. Smart move on his part. He also made added a clause that he has the option to leave if he so desires but with no payment. Guess it's a wait see if he will stay or go.....When Howarth returned to ABC many of his ex cat mates were thrilled to see him return. Those rumors that Roger had a fling with one cast member which added to his exit have been put to rest now that he is back....This was mentioned a while ago but things are changing and rewrites are coming in like mad. Tale of Two Todds has been written four times and they say they have it right this time or so they say....What if someone was behind Marty's breakdown and they have been manulipating her since she got out of the St Anne's and who would have something to gain if they did? Why does Marty call Todd when she goes missing?..ROXY ARLERT!!!!

GENERAL HOSPITAL: The threat of GH being canceled is growing by leaps and bounds, and sources tell me that Jax may very well be the one who escorts Brenda out of PC. Ingo seems to think the same as he tweeted some similar information not long ago. Jax will become increasing resentful of Shawn. He will try to use his presence in Carly and Joss lives to get custody of Joss and Morgan. This will lead to everyone, including Alexis, turning on Jax...... Whispers are that Sonny is not getting a new love interest after Brenda's exit. Instead he will be focused on his children and their problems.......Lulu has it enough of Luke and tells him so. She is done and lets him have it full steam. This is the final straw for Luke, but what they end up doing with Luke and rehab is not what you're expecting. It's very campy. And very possible Luke's endgame...Kristina/Ethan have some trouble ahead. Kristina asks Ethan to keep her drug abuse from her mom and dad and he agrees. She relapses and is forced to call in Sonny and Alexis......There's a Mini caper coming up based off of the sequel to Spinelli's book. It's one of his secret cases he refused to tell Diane about.....Since Lucian is not Brenda's is he related to someone else in PC?....Viewers are thrilled that Helena is coming back will she drop the news that Aidan is Luckys?

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