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May 17 2011, 06:34 AM
May 16 2011, 07:52 PM
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IMO the running lines was nothing more than a formality........brought in by a buddy who then created a character for him........and yes there are others who can join him in the talentless lineup, but the key is less screentime......its not as obvious :D
It seems like all of the crappy ones are onscreen a lot to me, lol. I think that having a character written for him is a bigger deal than the rest. Although, I kind of think he's wrong about that. I think that character would have been written in regardless of him because of the way they wanted to accommodate AS's pregnancy.
I agree.. whether it was him or someone else, I think it was decided to move Sami into a different Romance. TPTB had decided to eliminate Lucas for some reason .. (I think he was likely just to outspoken and critical, so they made him expendable) And Since they wanted Sami to be her Mothers daughter, they created a character out of their version of a mix of Roman/John.
Im sure it didnt hurt that Galen and Alison were also very good friends as well, so Im sure she was excited at the prospect of working with him.

Tomlin may have gotten him in the door and given him an opportunity, but Im sure the reading.experience,and his good looks, and His friendship with AS probably got him the job.. Probably more so than Tomlin.
Another example of why you should not hire your friends,they'll ruin you.
Like GG is ruining Days
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