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May 19 2011, 04:01 PM
May 19 2011, 03:57 PM
May 19 2011, 03:55 PM
Hudson??? Wasn't that Emily's last name, or am I imagining that?
Nope, you are right, that was Emily's last name. Hmmmm... could be interesting or it could be that DH and crew don't even remember Emily's last name.
Are we about to see Rafe's backstory come out again? Dare we hope that Emily isn't so dead? Is this her brother? Was she Australian or is he just putting on an accent? Was Emily a hooker? was Rafe trying to get her away from her evil brother's grasp? COme on new writers give me something.....have Emily show up somewhere in Hong Kong at a brothel....

Seriously I'll take anything at this point :eyeroll:
Could you imagine the hong kong 'set'? It would probably be something like the WALL the put up at Ciara/Theo's "school".
Lucas and Emily sitting on their chairs... closeup filming only though.. since the 'set' is just a wall... another brilliant idea by Gary Tomlin so they can save money. :hmmph:

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"I got the teachers searching the school grounds now... and I'm just standing here not being helpful at all"
Fucking STUPID! Thank god Dena and her kid is gone.
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