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Viewing Single Post From: Quinn gets a last name

May 19 2011, 06:12 PM
I know it sounds ridiculous but what do we really know about Rafe did he kill Emily after all. Why did he get angry at Sami when Emily's name got brought up.

We don't know a whole lot about Rafe or his past yet and I have a feeling they are going to touch on him having a shady past a past that could put Sami in danger somehow.

OK so maybe hes not Quinns partner but what if he did indeed kill Emily and Meridith was right and even Quinn knows what happened with Emily as well. So many unanswered questions about Emily that have been needing to be answered for awhile now. If Rafe did kill Emily how far will he go to keep that from coming out.
actually Galen Gering said that Rafe was not there when Emily died. There is a secret but I think he might have shared it with Sami... because, he told Sami about being tossed in the water and Carly saving him.
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