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May 19 2011, 06:10 PM
May 19 2011, 06:05 PM
They shouldn't have killed Arianna. Atleast not this soon. They could resurrect her though. Since her doctor was a criminal, Quinn could have made a deal with him and faked her death. Quinn's reason for this? He's Emily brother, and out for revenge because he thinks Rafe is responsible for Emily's death (He wanted Rafe to feel the way he felt when Em died)
.. and then we find out, it was Ari's fault.... HA! I dunno. :P
i would LOVE that! :) We can ditch Taylor, hook up EJ and Ari which would cause huge rifts between them and Rafe/Sami/Brady. Love it. :wub:
I have a story for that too.....
Taylor and EJ share a few stolen kisses, and he still tells her he can't leave Nicole. Taylor is confused, mad and hurt. This happens a few times. She goes out to the cheating heart one night... meets Carly. They get wasted and have sex does drugs ... (Totally unrealistic she would turn to drugs after a little 'breakup' but whatever it's DOOL) anyways, she continues taking drugs... Nicole finds out, gets her the help she needs and then Taylor decides to leave town because EJ is just not worth it.

But, i don't want Ari/EJ. I think Nicole/Brady/Ari triangle would be interesting if they made Nicole/Brady have angry sex, and then Arianna comes back... > Ari/Brady reunion... and bam, Nicole is pregnant.
And since Ari/Brady think Nicole is unstable they go after custody of the kid... :blah:

I think EJ and Sarah Horton could be a good story. The Horton's VS The Dimera's. :hail:

:laugh: :laugh:
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