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Of course. Steve Frame was a soap icon. He was drawn differently than a lot of other cookie-cutter men on soaps. He was dark and sensual. He was one of the first men on soaps- maybe one of the few ever- who would not marry the vixen who "trapped" him. He supported his child, visited with him and developed a relationship with him, but he simply refused to marry the mother. Kind of startling in 1969. That he later wed Rachel (and soon divorced her) was due to Alice leaving him. Steve had interesting back story- his humble Oklahoma beginnings- making him ambitious and seeking wealth and power. Steve and Alice (she also called him "Steven") were the epitome of the "another world" theme ("...not in this world alone.."). They probably were not suited to each other, realistically, but they were terribly drawn to what the other represented. Like in real life, couples like that have palpable chemistry. Steve and Alice certainly did.
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