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Nick isn't thrilled when Diane joins him and Adam in Mexico to investigate Sharon's "death". "Diane presents herself as support for Adam", sets up Co- Head Writer Scott Hamner. "However, she really wants to reconnect with Nick and be the person he can lean on and hopefully in her mind, possibley become his lover again".

When Nick orders Diane to go home, her plan doesn't seem to be working. Later, he boards a commerical flight back to Genoa City. Guess who his seat mate is? "It is certianly serendipitious that Nick and Diane end up on the same flight."notes Hamner. "She's going to work him as much as she possibly can".

While Nick drinks, Diane tries to cozy up, but he "is not going to make it easy", says Hamner. "He's not ready to stick his hand in that fire again". After they land, Diane returns to her suite at the G.C.A.C., where Nick soon shows up. "Getting a glimpse of her vulnerability on the plane was enough to bring him to her door".

They hit the sheets and don't even notice when Adams walks in on them. "So far, it's been platonic between Diane and Adam, but there's also some chemistry with them." Hamner explains. "But seeing this will certainly change things".
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